The Project


The beginning

The talents of a writer, an illustrator and a couple of editors joined together to give life to this unique story and that the life of it had a philanthropic cause.


We believe that the change in the world begins with us, and we’re very happy to share with you our work while we support kids who are in less fortunate situations.


The full profits of the sale of these books will be donated to the NPO “Aldeas Infantiles SOS, A.C.”, which gives shelter and care to hundreds of kids in Mexico.

Your contribution

You can buy “El Árbol” at our events in it’s spanish version in Mexico (see “Where to Buy” section). We’ll inform you when and where you’ll be able to purchase “The Tree” Bilingual Edition.

Our mantra

We believe in the transparency and clarity of our acts as a fundamental part to improve our society. You can see more about our costs in this link.


Our “profit” is to introduce our creation to the world and know that with it we’re helping make a difference in other lives.




Chapter One (Spanish)

This brief video presents the first chapter of the story with the two illustrations that go with it. It’s musicalized with a brief instrumental piece by Olan Mill titled “Pine”, which is being used with no profit intentions and stressing that all rights of the music belong to its creators. The narrator (voice) is Jorge Monterrubio. The full video will be available soon for those who can’t read for any reason.


Where to Buy

Librerías el Sótano

The profits from the sale of the book will be donated to “Aldeas Infantiles SOS México, A.C.” “Aldeas Infantiles SOS, A.C.”

Librerías FCE

The profits from the sale of the book will be donated to
“Aldeas Infantiles SOS, A.C.”


We are constantly organizing and participating events to promote our “Book with Cause” throughout Mexico. Follow us on Facebook to know about next events, or write to us if you want to have one in your city!




Gaby’s talent is multifaceted, so different sketches were made to define the graphic style. Latte, her cat, was always there to supervise quality 🙂

The process

A great team that evolved into a great friendship. “Alone you might go faster, but with a team you can go further”.


The first project of a great publishing house… Many literary and graphic talents are already lining up at their doorstep!


The Creators


“Once upon a time, somewhere in a spot of imaginary time, there was a white dragon that visited beautiful planet Earth to get inspired to write a story. Explorer and adventurer, she went deep into the snowiest mountains, the thickest forests and the most populated cities searching for the nectar of beauty. When she finished her story, she covered it with a mantle of stars, brushstrokes of sunsets and colored wings, and sent it flying over the breeze of the most beautiful melody on to its destiny.”


Designer and illustrator with specialty in Branding and Art Direction, creator of the concept “Compositive Narrative” for editorial processes and always working under the premise of a dynamic sensitivity. My cat’s name is Latte, I love bacon and anything with maple syrup.
“I firmly believe that we all have a sensitive instinct that we must take out for a walk every day.”



Designer with a specialty in Creativity, Ad Strategy and Editorial Design from INBA. She likes to read, travel, write, jazz and punk music. Founder of Ediciones Patoganso.

Graphic Designer

Mexico City, 1978. Dedicated to ilustration and editorial design since 2001. He’s done work as a cartoonist and illustrator in several upper level education institutions. In the editorial world, he’s collaborated with magazines like Día Siete, Energía Hoy, Emequis y Conversus del IPN. Illustrator of children’s books. More and more attracted by tridimensionality and materials such as paper and wood.


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